Video Lecture Commentaries

Producing video lectures is rewarding and vexing.

The rewards come from creating a useful product that is available 24/7 to your students, and from presenting the best material once.

Vexing are the complexities to doing it right the first time, without spending endless hours producing material that is of only marginal value.

In this area, I comment on some of the video lectures I’ve produced. In some cases, I’ll be discussing technical aspects of production techniques. This will be of the most value to those involved in producing their own materials. There is a learning curve to this, and I can help shorten that curve.

In other cases, I’ll focus on the the educational decisions I made in producing the videos. Some of these involve compromise, and I’ll let you know about those compromises and why I made particular decisions. If I have feedback on these decisions, I’ll share it with you.

Notes from a Medical Educator