Letter to Sister

This module tests the student’s:

  • Understanding of the significance of Post Menopausal Bleeding
  • Understanding of its’ various causes
  • Understand of the work-up for PMB
  • Understanding its’ relationship to malignancy
  • Understanding the relative urgency of evaluation
  • Ability to communicate medical issues in laymen’s language
  • Ability to discuss a patient’s medical condition who is not their own patient, and whom they have never seen.

The student receives this message:

Your sister (a school teacher) called to say that one of her co-workers, Molly, just started having some vaginal spotting.

According to your sister, Molly is 61 years old and went through the change 10 years ago. Your sister thinks Molly should go to the doctor, but Molly wants to wait and see if the spotting will just go away. Molly reports she just started a Zumba class and believes she might have over-Zumba’d during the first week.

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Notes from a Medical Educator