Simulated Clinic

I use these simulations to expand the student’s clinical exposure.

If a student is assigned to a real outpatient clinic for two weeks, the student might see several cases of yeast vaginitis, but no cases of trichomonas. By providing an electronic simulated clinic, I can give each student exposure to each of the 140 (or so) clinical problems that most commonly lead to an ambulatory visit or phone call.

Because I decide who is seen in my simulated clinic, I can be sure there aren’t any duplications.

This approach is effective and efficient. In a real clinic, one patient might occupy the student for 30-45 minutes, counting review,, seeing the patient, discussing the patient with the supervisors, and effecting clinical disposition. In the simulated clinic, the encounter lasts no longer than 5 minutes, while still covering most of the important issues.

This simulated clinic does not (and can not) replace the real OPD experience, but it augments it significantly.

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Notes from a Medical Educator