A podcast is a lecture distributed over the internet.

It usually an audio lecture, but there are some video podcasts as well. Audio podcasts are sometimes described as internet radio shows.

In some respects, these online radio broadcasts are like sitting in a lecture hall, awake and listening to the professor, but with your eyes closed. But podcasts:

  • are available 24/7,
  • can be downloaded as mp3 audio files, and played back through a cell phone or computer any time you want.
  • can be replayed, either in portions or their entirety, and
  • that are well-done are educationally efficient and effective.

In 2009, I became interested in podcasting as a way to teach students and residents. I produced 15 of these podcasts in a short time, and published them on iTunes, where they achieved some popularity. If you’d like to access them, click here.

 OBGYN 101 Gray Haired Notes

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