Behind the Scenes

During the production of medical education training materials, there  are many decisions that guide the final product.

These decisions and other problematic issues are not usually discussed during the actual video. But for medical educators, this background information can be very useful, both in understanding the product, and in developing the educator’s own products.

These Behind the Scenes commentaries delve into the interesting background details and production details that are most helpful to other educators.

Not everyone would make the same decisions, but everyone can have the opportunity to think about those decisions.

Behind the Scenes – Pelvic Exam During Labor

Behind the Scenes – What does the Uterus do all day Long?

Behind the Scenes – Breast Self Exam

Behind the Scenes – 5 Minute Pregnancy

Behind the Scenes – Vaginal Delivery

Behind the Scenes – 5 Minute Wet Mount

Behind the Scenes – Common Bleeding Problems

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Notes from a Medical Educator