Dr. Hughey
Dr. Hughey

This site is for medical and nursing professionals involved in education and training.

Over the years as a medical educator, I’ve learned some better ways to provide professional training.

I’d like to share the things I’ve learned.

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I’m an OBGYN, and some of this material has that focus. But most of it is applicable to any educational setting in medicine, nursing, and our affiliated professions.

As you will see from reviewing this site, I didn’t get everything right, particularly the first time I tried it. But I got a lot of things right, and I’m hoping you’ll benefit from reading about both categories of my experiences.

I’ve restricted access to this site, limiting it to medical and nursing professionals.

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  • “Behind the scenes” demonstrations of various training materials and the decisions (right and wrong) that went into them.
  • Complete medical simulation modules that you are free to try out and use.
  • OSCE stations and Resident training simulations
  • Explanations of the science behind how students best learn off screens. This will change your educational approach forever.
  • Medical Simulation equipment reviews. What works well and what doesn’t.
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Thanks for visiting, and I hope to have more for you to look at very soon.

Mike. Hughey, MD

Notes from a Medical Educator